Latest News

Mar 09, 2017
AmbiCom Holdings Files Additonal Lawsuit Against PC Drivers; Updates on Financials


Feb 23, 2017
AmbiCom Holdings Inc Announces Licensing Agreement with Voosh, Inc.


Dec 10, 2015
AmbiCom Issuance of Preferred Stock


Oct 08, 2015
AmbiCom Retires Convertible Debt Vehicle


Sep 30, 2015
AmbiCom Holdings Enters PC Bangs Optimization Market in South Korea


Sep 22, 2015
AmbiCom Signs Term Sheet with Pioneer Capital


Sep 16, 2015
AmbiCom Holdings Q1/FY2016 Business Update


Aug 12, 2015
AmbiCom Holdings Q1 Revenue Ramp Ahead of Schedule


July 29, 2015
Active Optimization Ramp Up Continues for AmbiCom


July 22, 2015
AmbiCom Announces Dr. Robert Gauthier as an Advisor


July 14, 2015
AmbiCom Announces Cloud-Based Active Optimization for Managed Service Providers (MSP's)


June 30, 2015
PC Drivers Headquarters Projects Increased Revenue and Profit Growth for AmbiCom's Active Optimization


June 17, 2015
Active Optimization Fully Launched


May 21, 2015
AmbiCom Holdings, Inc. Announces Engagement of Investment Banking Firm Maxim Group LLC to Provide Strategic Advisory Services


April 28, 2015
Former Intel Korea Country Manager Joins AmbiCom's Veloxum Project for Asia


April 22, 2015
Initial Rollout of Consumer PC Optimization by AmbiCom is Encouraging


April 1, 2015
AmbiCom's Patented Veloxum Active Optimization Product is Ready for Commercialization in the Consumer Market


March 4, 2015
AmbiCom's Veloxum Benefits From FTC Court Orders Shutting Down Massive Tech "PC Cleaner" Scams


February 18, 2015
AmbiCom Begins Commercializing Joint Development Product With PC Drivers Headquarters


February 9, 2015
Murphy Analytics Announces Publication of Company Overview on AmbiCom Holdings, Inc


January 21, 2015
AmbiCom's Veloxum PC Optimization Application Now Feature Complete and Available


January 12, 2015
AmbiCom Reached 500,000 Successful Trials in Consumer Software Testing


December 30, 2014
AmbiCom Reached 330,000 Successful Trials in Consumer Software Testing


December 17, 2014
AmbiCom Reached 150,000 Successful Trials in Consumer Software Testing


December 9, 2014
AmbiCom Signs OEM Agreement With Greater Intell


November 4, 2014
AmbiCom Announces Veloxum Gaming Brand: Lagranger


October 14, 2014
AmbiCom Holdings Gets Exclusive Agent Agreement Signed by Partner in India


October 1, 2014
Veloxum Gaming Project Signs Josh "Bkid" Choi as Consultant


September 25, 2014
AmbiCom Signs Joint Development and License Agreement with PC Drivers Headquarters


September 8, 2014
AmbiCom's Veloxum Gaming Project Signs Kai Huang as Advisor


August 26, 2014
Getting the CMO and CIO to work as partners


August 12, 2014
Veloxum Solution Now Planning to Enter the Video Game Market