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AmbiCom Holdings, Inc., (OTCQB: ABHI)

AmbiCom was founded in 1997 in the heart of Silicon Valley. AmbiCom delivers its medical device OEM modules to many global medical device companies, including Cardinal Health/Carefusion, Siemens, Draeger and Roche. AmbiCom has sold over 300,000 units to these clients since 2007. According to an ABI Research study, industry experts expect the wireless medical device and module category to be one of the fastest growing categories within the medical industry, growing at approximately 57.8% per year through 2011.


About AmbiCom

AmbiCom is headquartered in Milpitas, California, and is a leading designer and developer of wireless products focusing on the wireless medical industry. The company's wireless modules and devices are based on their innovative application software for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies. AmbiCom is committed to wireless design and development of software and hardware, and to bringing new and innovative products to the wireless medical markets and other sectors. AmbiCom plans to grow organically, and to augment that growth by selectively acquiring complementary products and technologies via acquisition opportunities deemed to be of strategic value.



AmbiCom’s mission is to become the leading provider of integrated wireless solutions to the healthcare industry. AmbiCom’s vision is to provide total solution services, migrating up the medical device “food- chain” to evolve from providing components and software to providing complete wireless solutions.




AmbiCom's primary goal is to continue to provide top-notch high quality wireless solutions to customers. AmbiCom is committed to developing advanced software and hardware to bring new and innovative wireless modules and applications to the medical devices sector and other wireless markets.

AmbiCom intends to grow both organically and through selective acquisitions. AmbiCom believes many medical devices lack the technology and operational efficiency to succeed in today’s increasingly complex environment. AmbiCom plans to resolve this by leveraging its current customer base to drive order flow, capitalizing on its competitive advantage of proprietary software, utilizing the growing need for cost reduction across the healthcare industry, and expanding sales and marketing activities to extend its reach.

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