Board of Directors

John Hwang, Chairman of the Board

John Hwang is the Chairman and CEO of AmbiCom Holdings Inc. Prior to working at AmbiCom Holdings Inc., John Hwang has over 20 years' corporate and entrepreneurial leadership experience in semiconductor technology and consumer electronics. From 1985 to 1992 Mr. Hwang was VP of Samsung America, starting the first Samsung brand for monitors and PCs, selling more than U$ 120mil worth monitors and PC in the first year. He then created Samtron, a new brand for Samsung, which became as a second tier brand to focus into the VAR channel. Samtron has sold more than U$ 300million worth of monitors globally. As President of Osicom, a fiber optic and network technologies manufacturer, from 1994 to 1997 he helped build the company to U$1.4 billion market cap. During the 3 years he was with Osicom, he managed the sales and marketing department and helped grow Osicom to acquired more than 8 companies. Additionally he helped reorganize the acquisitioned companies to focus on fiber net-working products.